Thursday, September 16, 2010


I realize I have been silent on my blog for a while. Oops :)
During the blog silence I was busy applying for jobs, interviewing, and mostly getting rejected. But luckily, it only takes one YES and all the other NO'S don't matter. And that's exactly what happened!
I applied for a Quality Assurance Technician position at the H-E-B Milk Plant in San Antonio. Most people that know me well know that I am OBSESSED with H-E-B. I applied for this job on a total whim, thinking it would end up like all the other jobs I applied for. However, a few days after applying I got a phone call to ask if I was still interested (um....YES!) and we scheduled a phone interview. The phone interview went well (despite me being a nervous wreck!) so we scheduled a face-to-face interview for the following Friday. That Thursday night I left after I got out of work and drove down to the Perry's to spend the night. They were SO kind and accommodating to me in letting me come on such short notice. ***On a side note, they have been very accommodating to both Adam and I throughout their entire summer! THANKS PERRYS!!*** The night before the interview I could hardly sleep for fear of oversleeping. I woke up around 5:15 AM to get ready and make sure I left with plenty of time to make it through traffic. I got the H-E-B Retail Support Center around 7:15 AM. My interview was at 9 AM....awesome huh? I preceded to sit in my car for an hour (thank goodness for my iPhone) and decided to head into the complex around 8:15 AM. I wasn't sure how long it would take for me to get to the interview because it involved getting a security pass, going through two receptionists, and taking a trolley to the interview location. I got to the actual milk plant around 8:40 AM and waited to be called!
The interview went well...I was pretty nervous but just tried to smile and convey how much I would love to work for H-E-B and always have. I left around 10:15 AM and didn't feel like I did very well..."good interview experience for the future" I thought. My HR contact for H-E-B called me at noon to ask how the interview went...and offer me the position! I was ecstatic! I called Adam, called my Mom, and starting planning our move to San Antonio. The following weekend Adam and I came down to search for apartments (Thanks again to the Perry's for graciously hosting us). We found one we really liked, signed the lease, and headed back to Abilene on Monday to pack everything and prepare to move...again...
The move went really well thanks to help from friends packing with us and lots of friends and family helping us load, unload, and unpack! So thank you Lindsey, Jordan, Eddie, Kevin, Tiffany, Pam, Carla, Robbie, Mitchell, Haley, Aruni, and Kaleb :).Moving is no fun at all and I've always said it's a true friend that is willing to help a friend move.
My first day is Monday Sept. 20...I will update more on what I will actually be doing. For now I just tell people "I will make sure that the H-E-B milk and milk products won't make you sick" but I know more will go into it.
The company Adam has been working for, Quick Roofing, has an office in San Antonio he can easily transfer! What a blessing! God has made so many transitions regarding this move very smooth and we are so thankful!


  1. Yay Perrys!!!!

    Caroline, that sounds perfect for you. I'm so excited for you guys.

  2. Ah! Lovely, that is SO so exciting!!! All of it! And, I love your new background..I'm sure you've had it up for a while now, but it's way presh. you have Skype?? I miss you face. I think it's actually been over a year since we have had a legitimate conversation...I'm not ok with that. Let's for reals talk soon. I know you'll probably be busy this weekend, getting ready to start work and all, but if you have a spare chunk of time, let's catch up :)

    Love you! Miss you!!

  3. We're so excited for you - congratulations!

  4. Can't wait for the first day update ;) Congratulations!!!!!!! We love you!