Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Honeymooners

Thanks for checking us out guys!

(OK I gotta be honest, I didn't mean to add this picture and have no idea how to delete it without screwing up all my other formatting. I need blog lessons....but in the meantime, enjoy the random picture!)

Here we are listening to toasts at our wedding. Our wedding was a beautiful, emotional, intimate, and spiritual time. But this post isn't about our's about the WEEK AFTERWARD!

Adam and I got married in Bryan then drove to New Orleans, LA, spent one night there, then drove the rest of the way to Destin, FL. Here is a shot of our amazing hotel that we stayed in (called The International House) while we were in New Orleans, LA. It was one of those boutique-fancy-shmancy hotels. What a treat!

This was our FIRST dinner in Destin. We went to a place called Goat Feathers. It is a fish market on the bottom floor and an AWESOME seafood restaurant on the top floor. The best part about it is that it is within walking distance of the house we were staying at. My family has been coming here for years but I had not been here since I was in high school. It was DELICIOUS and we actually went there for dinner the next night also. :)

Here we are at dinner at the Melting Pot. This is a great restaurant for overly-mushy-newlyweds. The funnest part of dinner was that we got to make each others food using the fondue pot on our table. Another good aspect about this eatery is that, since you cook your own food, the meal can takes a very long time. Adam and I are BIG fans of meals that take a very long time so this was a great place for us.

Exploring of my favorite little towns! Adam is holding a gift bag from a shop where we bought OUR first Christmas ornament. This was exciting for us because then we could have a memory from our beautiful honeymoon AND have an ornament that belongs to BOTH of us.

Our last night in Destin :(. We went out for a casual, relaxing dinner and went out to see The Hangover!

Our last dinner in Destin...We enjoyed pizza and beer on a patio at a small pizza place by the beach. We are obviously very simple people...that enjoy simple things. :)

That was a basic synopsis of our beautiful Florida honeymoon. We can't wait to go back and do it all over again!


  1. Awww, absolutely lovely! Looks like so much fun :)

    And, the you should be able to delete pictures by clicking on them and hitting the backspace button...that's how I always do it - hope it helps!

  2. What a beautiful picture you painted!

  3. How fun! You'll love those memories forever. :)

  4. Sounds fantastic! I bet it was fun to go back through it all like that, too! :)