Monday, June 28, 2010

Rachel's Visit

I am lucky enough to have a wonderful relationship with my older sister. She has constantly been a great presence in my life and I am deeply thankful for her. She was kind enough to come down to Abilene to visit me for a few days while Adam was out of town. We had a blast!!

Big sisters are wonderful (or mine is anyway) because they help you do things that you do not have the confidence to do on your own. The biggest example of that during her most recent visit was with my gardening. I have had five types of seeds I have been wanting to plant but I didn't know how/what I needed to buy/where to put the seeds/how much water to give them/ etc etc etc. One day while I was at work Rachel was kind enough to buy me some soil and we determined that the next day would be "planting day". The next morning we made labels for each plant and planted them in their own little pots! I was thrilled! I'm not sure why the idea of planting these seeds terrified me so much...but I was very nervous about doing it wrong! Luckily, I have a fantastic older sister who is both smart AND experienced with gardening.

At the moment my green beans, purple bell pepper, and tigger melon have all sprouted and seem to be doing well! It's really fun to go check on them...I feel like a proud parent! When I upload my pictures I will share all the photos I have taken during this fun!

So thank you, Rachel, for always helping me, showing me new things, teaching me, and not getting too annoyed when I ask 1,000 questions. I love you!



  1. Love it! And as the oldest sister, I've got to say that little sisters are pretty great, too. :)

  2. I wouldn't know anything about sisters but I'll take your word on it :) I'm just glad you have a sister and that she likes gardens too:) Can't wait to see the pics!

  3. So fun! Can't wait to see how it's all turned out!!

  4. Yay for big sisters and for gardening! :)