Wednesday, January 19, 2011

As I promised...

Here are some pics from Christmas 2010...

The beginning of the attempt to take an "All The Grandkids" picture.

#1. All the boys are technically in the picture but Joey is sleepy and Kaleb is busy. Conner is thinking "Please give me the baby. I have the pillow ready and everything!" Micah is wondering why nobody else is ready to take this picture.

#2. Joey has been re-positioned but is still attempting to sleep. Kaleb is on the move and Conner is smiling because he finally has Kallie. Once again, Micah is chillin.
#3. Not sure what is happehing here. Obviously Aggie had to step in...looks like a Coach (Joey's blanket) related issue. Conner, still smiling. Micah, still wondering what's taking so long. Kaleb, still on the move.
#4. This one is blurry because I was laughing so hard, I apologize. Kaleb thought it would be a good time to start singing Jingle Bells while doing an adorable dance only 1 1/2 year olds can do. Priceless.

#5. Success! Kallie is a tad upset that it took her silly brother and cousins this long to cooperate, but I think it's a keeper!

A few other random pictures...

Kaleb playing with one of his many trucks...
Kaleb L-O-V-E-D Adam's boots...actually anyone's shoes for that matter.
They almost fit :)
Proud Aunt Caroline holding precious Kallie.
Joey and Kaleb playing with a new toy and clearly loving life.


  1. What adorable children! I bet they have a very, very proud Gammie;) Christmas was THE BEST!!!!!

  2. I laughed so hard at the pictures of getting ready for the picture!

  3. Ya those are better than the real thing!

  4. SOOOO precious!!!! It looks like y'all had an absolutely wonderful Christmas.

    Lady, we NEED to catch UP!!!!

    Miss you! Love you!

  5. Lol - the cousins. Fun, fun, fun memories!