Sunday, January 30, 2011

The H-E-B Family

Howdy everyone!
As you may know, Adam and I are both employees of H-E-B. My employment with H-E-B was always a dream of mine and I'm so excited Adam works for my fave company as well! Adam works at the newest H-E-B Plus in Bulverde. He was hired to work in the General Merchanidse section which is any non-food item that is not a prescription drug...and if you've ever been to an H-E-B Plus, you know that General Merchandise is HUGE there! He was hired as a part-time employee and was promoted to full-time in 9 days! I'm so proud of him :)

I work at the San Antonio Retail Support Center. There are several plants there including meat, milk, ice cream (Creamy Creations...YUMM), floral, bakery, snacks, and more. I am a lab technician on the Quality Assurance team at the milk and culture plant. It's my job to make sure all the fluid and culture products are safe and within specifications (ie 2% milk is actually 2%, the sour cream has the correct amount of butterfat, etc.) It's very exciting and keeps me very busy.

It has given me a whole new appreciation of how much work goes into each and every food product that is manufactured. Next time you buy any food item in the grocery store think about how many people and how much time has gone into making sure it is the highest quality possible. Between the people driving semi trucks full of ingredients, warehouse employees, the production team, maintenance people to keep everything running, quality employees (like me), sanitation specialists, finished product warehouse employees, people to transport the finished product, and THEN it gets to a store where it is stored, moved, counted, priced, and everything else! Whew!


  1. Caroline, I am SO excited for y'all! It sounds like you two are really enjoying where you are and what you are doing. I love that you have that HEB job on your CV now - you are legit, lady. I can't wait to see where all of this takes you. Thanks for the insight into the grocery world of HEB! Love you! Miss you!

  2. Hahaha...soooo, my little brother was logged in on my computer so it posted as his google account...woooops! Love you!

  3. Sounds interesting. I didn't know Adam worked for HEB, too! Congratulations!

  4. We are so very proud of you guys!!!!! Congrats to my baby:) We love y'all!

  5. What a terrific post! I will certainly be thinking of all of you hard working HEB employees when I go on my weekly trip ... today! (YIKES! I better make my list!)