Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Christmas 2010

Howdy everyone! I hope 2011 has been treating you well so far. I have not posted in a while...there is much to update on.

We spent Christmas with Adam's family. It was a blast! Both of Adam's siblings were there too, along with the spouses and kids! There were 13 people all celebrating Christmas together and it was nonstop fun. I hardly remembered to take pictures because we were all constantly playing, laughing, and running around...a perfect Christmas with the family :). Celebrating Christmas with kiddos involved is so much fun!
Early Christmas morning we went to Tiffany and Kevin's house to watch Kaleb open presents. When he first walked into the living room I think he was a little unsure what to think...a room of adults was all staring at him expectantly and grinning from ear to ear. He walked to the middle of the room, looked around, and ran up to Gammie to give her a big hug. After a little bit of prodding ("Hey Kaleb, what are all those things under the tree") he explored the presents...and loved it!
The Wells brood arrived that afternoon and we all opened our presents from eachother and Santa. Talk about controlled chaos! Adam's mom was under, in, and behind the tree trying to get out all the gifts. The gifts are labeled using a color code and we are shouting the colors at eachother trying to distribute the presents correctly. ("Rachel, who is blue?" "Hand this to red!" "Put this on Purple's stack!!") Meanwhile, the little ones had already started opening their presents and proclaiming their excitement for the latest Wii game, book, etc. All in all, it was a super fun and unforgettable Christmas.

(Unfortunately I am writing this blog at a coffee shop and do not have my camera to upload pictures. I know that pictures are the best part of a blog so I will try to upload them soon. SPOILER ALERT: I have a great one of all the kiddos in their Christmas pajamas that took about ten minutes to take. Be excited.)


  1. Yay! I will try to get some pics to you too. It was the best!!!!

  2. I'm excited! Can't wait to see pics!

  3. I like the part about the color coded gift system! That sounds like a hilarious Christmas memory.

  4. p.s. love the new wall paper:)